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MelanPlus (60 capsules)For Gray Hair

MelanPlus reduces premature graying hair & reverses hair thinning

60 capsules

MelanPlus for men to reduce gray hair and promote youthful healthy hair as it also reverses hair thinning and hair loss
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MelanPlus Hair Vitamin!

Works for men by reducing premature graying hair and promoting youthful healthy hair while also reversing hair thinning and hair loss.

MelanPlus Benefits:

Contains He Shou Wu which has been shown to rejuvenate hair growth

Special formula for men Helps reduce graying, thinning hair

Promotes healthy, youthful hair growth Look younger and feel confident


The hair follicle has a “melanogentic clock” which slows down or stops melanocyte activity, thus decreasing the pigment our hair receives.

The primary one being melanin and when the melanocytes stop producing these pigments, we sprout gray hair, which appears gray due to the color of the dead cells that comprise the strand.

This occurs just before the hair is preparing to fall out or shed, so the roots always look pale. Our hair turns gray because of age and genetics, genes regulate the exhaustion of the pigmentary potential of each individual hair follicle. This occurs at different rates in different hair follicles.

For some people it occurs rapidly, while in others it occurs slowly over several decades. As you age your body capacity to produce melanin decreases and you tend to gray fast.

Smoking can also be one of the reasons for gray hair at an early age. Smoking is generally said to be injurious to health so it has to be injurious to your hair too. Certain types of illness can also lead to gray hair or premature aging of hair. Some drugs can also lead to early hair color change.


MelanPlus uses an ancient Chinese herbal compound He Shou Wu to promote natural melanin (pigment) production in the hair follicles, thus reducing the appearance of gray hair.

MelanPlus is the ideal gray hair vitamin for Men with a specialized formula containing saw palmetto. There is simply no need to look older than you feel. MelanPlus is designed to restore your hair's youthful luster, and promote healthy hair growth.

MelanPlus is an advanced gray hair vitamin formulation based on the ancient Chinese hair rejuvenation herbal ingredient He Shou Wu. It is specifically designed for men to reduce the appearance of gray hair and make you look younger and feel more confident.

While it is ideal to make MelanPlus hair vitamins as a part of your daily diet, there should be some difference after just 90 days of use.

The first sign that it's working is usually hair that grows faster than normal, thicker and healthier looking hair.

The best results are usually seen after 4-6 months of use.


As we age, the cells that produce the primary pigment in hair (melanocytes) can slow down or stop all together. This in turn leads to hair growth that can range from transparent white to a dull gray. MelanPlus uses an ancient Chinese herbal compound (He Shou Wu) along with a host of other hair nutrients to promote natural melanin (pigment) production in the hair follicles, thus reducing the appearance of gray hair.

As melanin production is reinvigorated to a more normal, youthful level, new hair that grows from these energized follicles will start to take on a more natural, youthful hue.

MelanPlus packs a minimum of 1400 mg of vital hair nutrients in every serving to ensure that the hair and scalp have optimum conditions to produce healthy hair growth.

MelanPlus also uses Saw Palmetto to stop hair loss and start the hair growing again. Saw Palmetto is a natural herbal supplement known for its hair growth abilities. It is best used by men because it not only spurs hair growth on the head, but on other parts of the body as well. It is a natural herbal remedy for the health of the prostate gland and will even help gray hair to return somewhat to its natural color.

Scientists believe that saw palmetto is an effective hair loss treatment because it works to interfere with the build-up of DHT on the hair follicles.

This build-up clogs the follicles causing them to die, resulting in thinning hair on your head.


MelanPlus Directions:

Adults take 2 capsules of MelanPlus daily with food and a glass of water.

For best results use consistently for 90-120 days.

MelanPlus Ingredients:

Vitamins E, Vitamins B2, Niacin, Vitamins B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamins B5, Zinc, L-Tyrosine, beta-Sitosterol, He Shou Wu (865mg), Saw Palmetto (160mg), PABA (100mg)

Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body?

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