Pherazone is Pheromone Cologne For Men to help Attract Women

0.50 oz, 15 ml
Pherazone Pheromone Unique Designed Cologne For Sex Appeal


US Dollars 139.00

Pheromone Cologne

Pherazone for men has 3 times the strength of the top pheromone colognes. Strong, sexy and shockingly seductive.

Pherazone is a high-quality pheromone spray with leading fragrances in the world to create the most powerfully effective pheromone anywhere.

The undetectable and odorless pheromone scent may help you to attract women, making yourself irresistible. 

  1. Best Pheromone Concentration on the Market
  2. Drive Women Crazy
  3. Get More Attention
  4. Instant Sex Appeal
  5. Increase Confidence 
  6. Unique Formula Designed for men to help attract women 
  7. Aids to Get More Dates  
For the sexual attention from women you've always wanted, try Pherazone and feel like a new man! 

Pherazone Directions: 

Spray on 1-2 sprays.

Cologne lasts about 4-6 hours.

Re-apply if exercising or showering.

Pherazone Ingredients:

Beta-Epi-Androstenol, A-Alpha-Androstadienol, 5-Alpha-Androstenone, Beta-Androtenol, proprietary additives  

1. What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted in our sweat (and other bodily fluids). Mammals and other animals also secrete pheromones, and scientists have long known that these pheromones are natural sexual attractants that wield a powerful influence on their mating habits.

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