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Gerovital Premature Aging Supplement

Gerovital GH3 Advance helps reduce signs of ageing

90 Tablets

Gerovital GH3 Advance helps you feel younger and improves vitality and help prevent free radical damage.
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Gerovital GH3 Advance improves vitality and inhibits free radical damage so you can boost your metabolism and prevents premature aging.

  • Create less fat and leaner muscle no matter how old you are
  • Improve memory and concentration 
  • Promote healthy and vibrant skin
  • Improve libido
  • Enhance metabolism 
  • Inhibits free radical damage
  • Promotes Better sleep 
  • Improves joint health 
  • Helps you feel younger

Gerovital GH3 Advance is a supplement that helps to fights the signs of aging. It works by by helping your body to enhance your metabolism.

This helps your body reduce the signs of aging and may help you feel younger. 

Gerovital GH3 Advance may also help to improve libido, enhance memory and concentration, help you lose weight, prevent free radical damage, and promote better sleep. 

Gerovital GH3 Advance Directions:

1. Take one Gerovital GH3 Advanced a day for a three-month boost.

2. Take 3 Gerovital GH3 Advanced per day , for even faster and more startling results. 

Gerovital GH3 Advance FAQs:

1- Are there any side effects?

Through the 48 years of research and usage, it has never shown adverse side-effects.

2- Are there any interactions with other medications?

Where other medication has a sulphur base (some antibiotics for instance), GH3 has been found to neutralise them.

3- Are there any allergies caused by GH3?

The Romanians researchers indicate that 1 person in 6,000 is allergic. The allergy is not severe; usually just a prickling sensation of the skin and a slight rash.

4- Is GH3 a drug or a vitamin? 

It is neither. It is specifically a nutrient, which operates in exactly the same manner as any other food, i.e. by being absorbed into the circulatory system, thereby enriching the blood in a manner which stimulates cellular growth and well being, thus strengthening the myriad systems within the body - not forgetting the immune system which is designed to resist infection.

Gerovital GH3 Advance Ingredients:

100mg Procaine HCI, Niacin, Benzoic acid, Potassium Metabisulphite, Disodium phosphate. q.s excipients. 

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