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Smell Fresh removes toxins and balances pH for body's natural aroma

120 veggie capsules

An all-natural 100% vegetarian solution from Herbally Grounded that eliminates undesirable body odor.
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Smell Fresh restores your natural essence by balancing pH levels and removing nonessential toxins in the body from the air, water, foods and chemicals.


  • All-natural herbs that are abundant in chlorophyll.
  • Natural blood purifier.
  • Acid neutralizer.
  • Contains 100% pure raw herbs.
  • Contains zero fillers and toxic flowering agents.
  • Not irradiated and fumigated.

What happens when you're all showered and ready for the day ahead, but still sense something isn't right?

You're clean but don't smell clean!

You realize you're letting off an odor that no spray, cologne, fragrance and/or lotion can hide.

The truth is toxins, bacteria and unbalanced pH levels inside your body can cause an unwanted and odoriferous pungency, making it extremely difficult for you to get through your day uninhibited. 

Smell Fresh will ensure that you no longer need to worry about embarrassing body odors! This unique blend of herbs takes care of the inside of your body while you maintain the outside.



Smell Fresh Directions:

Take 4 veggie capsules a day. If odor persists, you may take up to 12 veggie capsules a day  Reduce to 4 veggie capsules a day after desired results are achieved.

Smell Fresh Ingredients:

Proprietary blend 490mg. Alfalfa leaf, barley grass, peppermint leaf.

Other Ingredients:

Veggie caps.

This product serves as a replacement for any of the following products:

Monistat Cool Wipes
Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths
Vagisil Medicated Wipes

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