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Semenax enhances sperm volume, production and health

120 capsules

Semenax by Leading Edge Health provides a huge increase in ejaculation volume and power while promoting sexual performance. Try it today!
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Semenax is a natural way to increase your volume, your sperm and your motility. 


  • Increase erectile contraction strength.
  • Ejaculate with impressive volumes.
  • Orgasm power increased by 500%! 
  • Improve your overall sexual performance.
  • Boost potency and fertility.
  • Increase confidence levels.
  • Safe, effective and doctor approved.
It is reported that at least 30% of all men suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction when it comes to satisfying their partner. A poor sexual performance consisting of erectile issues, premature ejaculation, weak orgasm, little-to-no semen volume and infertility, can lead to a very unsatisfied partner and low self-confidence.
Semen has been shown to have anti-depressant effects on women, and the more they are exposed to it, the more likely they are to initiate sex. Women associate masculinity with great sex finished off by a large load. 
Semenax is designed to dramatically increase semen volume, create powerful long-lasting orgasms, and promote sperm health and motility. 
Semenax contains vitamin E, Swedish flower pollen and other all-natural herbs including:

L-arginine HCL: Studies show sperm and semen volume double, fertility improves (even among men with low sperm counts or poor sperm motility), and sperm health and activity increase.

L-lysine: Researchers find that this amino acid + zinc increase the amount of sperm produced, stimulate testosterone production and improve semen quality.

Epimedium Sagittatum: Sometimes called 'horny goat weed,' this botanical kicks libido and testosterone levels up a notch for greater sperm production.

Zinc Oxide: Increases sperm and motility 80%-200% by aiding testosterone synthesis.

L-carnitine: This amino acid is found in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proven to significantly increase the percentage of highly motile sperm.

Catuaba Bark: Brazilian herb that strengthens the libido, and nourishes the entire male reproductive system.

Pumpkin Seed: Supports prostate health and hormonal production.

Maca: Legendary South American botanical proven to promote libido, potency and energy.

Watch your sex life explode with stronger and longer male orgasms, larger loads and increased potency with this formula.

Can also be referred as: Semenax, Semenax Semen Volume Enhancer

  • Take three 4 capsules daily. For best results take with meals.
  • It is recommended to consult your health provider before beginning any nutritional program.  
  • This product is not intended to affect or treat any medical condition.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

1. What makes Semenax effective?

Semenax is a complex blend of herbal and nutritional ingredients scientifically designed to build up a more voluminous and more potent semen supply – up to 500 PERCENT more volume.

2. How does it help with fertility?

The natural ingredients nourish every part of your reproductive system with 100% pure and natural herbal ingredients. You get bigger volume, better sperm health, more shooting power, and ultimately a much, much more satisfying finish.

Your partner will notice, too!

It’s true: nourished by Semenax, your reproductive system produces much more semen, AND is better toned to deliver it in a BIG, impressive way.

3. Do I need a prescription?

No, but Semenax is tableted in a new high-tech cGMP pharmaceutical grade laboratory according to the latest technologies in natural ingredient delivery.  

4. What sexual dysfunction problems can I get help for?

ED, premature ejaculation, performance anxiety -- WHATEVER! Those are for guys who can’t even get there. 

Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate) 60 IU 200% dv, zinc aspartate (20% elemental zinc) 30mg 40% dv, butea superba (root) 500mg, l-carnitine 500mg, maca (root) 400mg, pine bark extract 300mg, l-arginine HCI 250mg, l-lysine 250mg, catuaba (bark) 200mg , epimedium Sagittatum (leaf) 150mg, muira puama (bark) 100mg, hawthorne (berry) 50mg, cranberry extract (seed) 50mg, tribulus terrestris (vine) 50mg, avena sativa extract (seed) 50mg, sarsaparilla (root) 50mg, swedish flower (pollen) 50mg and pumpkin (seed) 30mg.  

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, gelatin, vegetable stearate and silicon dioxide. 

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