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DermaZinc Cream for psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis

4 oz, 120 ml

DermaZinc Cream is extremely effective in treating red flaky, itchy, scaly skin associated with mild to moderate cases of eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis
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DermaZinc Cream

Are you in need of some relief from a chronic skin condition?

DermaZinc Cream is a powerful topical cream used to alleviate symptoms from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. 

The prescription strength formula is extremely effective at treating annoying flaking and itchy skin, whether your condition is mild or moderate. 

You don't need to keep suffering from dry, itchy, scaly skin! 

DermaZinc Cream can be used on the face as well as other sensitive areas.

The cream is odorless, not oily and safe for daily use.

Derma Zinc's unique blend of moisturizing ingredients is surely worth trying!



To achieve maximum results we recommend DermaZinc Cream to be applied twice daily on effective areas. 

DermaZinc Cream FAQs:

1- Where can I apply the cream?

You can use the cream almost everywhere you have a skin reaction however, do not apply to thin skin areas or mucous membranes.

2- Who can use this cream?

Patients suffering with severe cases of eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis,  the use of prescription strength DermaZinc Cream is recommended. DermaZinc Cream compounded with 77mg of Micronized Betamethasone Diproprionate USP is prescribed by your doctor, used twice daily for up to two weeks. Once skin is cleared, maintain healthy skin by using OTC DermaZinc products a minimum of three times a week.

3- Do I need a prescription?

No. The product is prescription strength and it is recommended that you talk with your doctor before use.

4- Are there any reported bad reactions while using the cream?

In controlled trials with all Micronized Betamethasone Dipropionate Formulations the following adverse reactions have been reported: burning/stinging, pruritis, irritation, erythema, folliculitis, cracking and fissuring of the skin, numbness of the fingers, tenderness in the elbow, skin atrophy and telangiectasia. The following additional local adverse reactions are reported infrequently with topical corticosteriods, but may occur more frequently with super-high potency corticosteriods such as DermaZincTM compounded with Micronized Betamethasone Dipropionate: dryness, hypertrichosis, allergic contact dermatitis, secondary infection, striae and miliaria.

Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body?

No, as such claims, might prohibit the product from being able to be sold OTC. We do our best to include descriptions provided by the manufacture's and to provided information that is accurate but some may be outdated by the fast pace of more recent scientific developments and we have no way to verify every claimed, therefore there is a small chance that something may be unintentionally misleading. The information presented is meant for Nutritional Benefit and as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. Obviously people are different and not every person will get the exact same results as another so no benefits can be guaranteed but we strive to only provide quality products where either customers or research from highly respected sites like WebMD have indicated that the product and/or one or more of its ingredients may provide a benefit. We do not manufacture any product, we are only a retailer of other peoples products. We do our best to ensure quality by using the most reputable suppliers we can find, even though this may increase the cost of our offering, it also reduces the chances of getting counterfeit products. We rely on the manufacturer's to control the quality of their products, as it is impossible for any retailer to test each batch of every product and stay in business.


Zinc Pyrithione 0.25%, Purified Water (aqua), Stearic Acid, Glycol Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Mineral Oil, Aloe Vera, Triethanolamine, Cetyl Alcohol, Carbomer, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG-75 Lanolin, Methylparaben, Tocopherol Acetate, Dimethicone, Undecylenic Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

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