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Kalawalla helps psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis and multiple sclerosis

120 Capsules

Help to create balance and harmony within your immune system bringing it to its healthiest, strongest levels.
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Kalawalla relieves skin problems including psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis and helps multiple sclerosis (MS).


  • Protects against all types of psoriasis
  • Regulates immune system
  • 100% All-Natural Supplement
  • Protects brain cells
  • Cleanses blood
  • Protects skin cells
  • Fights free radicals

Kalawalla helps to balance your immune system.  A real solution to auto immune disorders is to modulate (not suppress) the activity of T cell ratios to normal balance without any side effects. Immune modulation has the advantage that, contrary to immune suppression, very few side effects can be observed from regulating the immune system back to normal. It also offers the advantage over symptomatic drugs in that the symptoms reverse themselves on their own after the immune system has reached proper balance, and this is done treating the root of the problem, and not only the symptoms.

Kalawalla has many Clinical Studies with MS, Lupus, Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other auto immune disorders, showing a high degree of success and very few side effects. It even has an OTC status in the European Union, which means that medical doctors actually prescribe Kalawalla for these disorders. We also know exactly how Kalawalla works due to Trials by the Harvard Medical School that details how Kalawalla modulates the T cells and its usefulness in auto aggressive and inflammatory conditions.  It also helps to balance the immune system, and as a secondary response helps to improve skin disorders, such as psoriasis.

Psoriasis affects millions of people. Some of Psoriasis patients suffer all their lives never being able to overcome the disease. Psoriasis can be linked to an immune system imbalance. Kalawalla (Polypodium leucotomos 50:1 standardized extract) can help regulate the immune system bringing it to its healthiest, strongest levels. Kalawalla has been is used in Europe and Australia (under trade names Difur and Leucostat). Noticeable results can be seen within the first month of taking the product. 

Kalawalla Helps Treat Many Different Types of Skin Disorders and Autoimmune Disorders!






    • Take four (4) capsules per day


    • Recommended 2 capsules ½ hour before breakfast and 2 capsules ½ hour before dinner

Kalawalla FAQs:

1- How Does Kalawalla Work?

This herb works by restricting cytokines, the signaling molecules responsible for cell damage and inflammation in the body.

2- Does Kalawalla Have Any Side Effects?

It has very few known side effects. The only reported have been indigestion and itchy skin.

3- Does Kalawalla Have Any Drug Interactions?

You should not take this herb within thirty minutes of drinking milk or taking an antacid as this will dilute the effects of the remedy.

4- Who Should Not Take Kalawalla?

Those who are pregnant or nursing or having kidney or liver disease should avoid this herb. Those taking digitalis or any of its derivatives should also avoid this natural remedy.


Active Ingredients:

    • Polypodium Leucotomos fern plant, Polypodium Leucotomos dry root (rhizome)

Other Ingredients:

    • Vegetable Cellulose in the form of capsules 



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