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Thermoloid (60 capsules)Maximum Thermogenic Power to burn Fat

Thermoloid targets fat cells while maintaining lean body mass

(60 Capsules) Red Cap

A powerful fat burner by Goliath Labs is ideal to lose body fat, increase energy and boost metabolism
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Thermoloid is designed to control appetite, burn body fat and manage caloric intake.


  • Burns Fat through Thermogenesis
  • Absorbs Carbohtdrates
  • Improves Fat Loss
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Increases Energy

Thermoloid increases energy to help you improve both performance and results! It features over 16 ingredients to target fat cells and promote fat loss from every angle.

It works by igniting fat loss while controlling appetite and inhibiting fat and carbohydrate absorption.

Take your dieting and exercising to the next level with this fat burner and get the lean, shredded physique you are looking for. Advanced research shows that this optimal blend helps lose weight in a superior way because of its synergistic properties among ingredients that provide all-in-one fat loss solution.

Thermoloid also helps increase metabolism and control appetite. It does not only target stubborn body fat but it also maintains lean body mass.  In addition, It helps relieve stress and fatigue while reducing caloric intake.

Finally, it naturally increases thyroid production to overcome slow metabolism. Get rid of that excess fat and let your definition and muscle tone shine!

Can also be referred as: Goliath Labs Thermoloid, Thermoloid Thermogenic Fat Burner

Thermoloid Directions:

  • Take 2 Thermoloid capsules daily, 30 minutes before a meal or exercise.
  • Begin use with reccomended dosage on bottle to assess your tolerance.
  • To avoid sleeplessness, do not take 4 hours before bedtime.
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. 

What should I know about Thermogenic fat burners?

Thermogenic supplements raise the body's temperature to stimulate the body's burning of fat. Thermogenics increase the metabolism of the body's adipose tissue, generating heat (thermogenesis). 

Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body?

No, as such claims, might prohibit the product from being able to be sold OTC. We do our best to include descriptions provided by the manufacture's and to provided information that is accurate but some may be outdated by the fast pace of more recent scientific developments and we have no way to verify every claimed, therefore there is a small chance that something may be unintentionally misleading. The information presented is meant for Nutritional Benefit and as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. Obviously people are different and not every person will get the exact same results as another so no benefits can be guaranteed but we strive to only provide quality products where either customers or research from highly respected sites like WebMD have indicated that the product and/or one or more of its ingredients may provide a benefit. We do not manufacture any product, we are only a retailer of other peoples products. We do our best to ensure quality by using the most reputable suppliers we can find, even though this may increase the cost of our offering, it also reduces the chances of getting counterfeit products. We rely on the manufacturer's to control the quality of their products, as it is impossible for any retailer to test each batch of every product and stay in business.

Thermoloid Ingredients:

Caffeine Anhydrous 180mg Thermoloid Fat Burning Proprietary Blend 608mg Green Tea 45% EGCG Bioperine Yerba Mate (20%) Guggulsterones 99% White Willow Extract (salix Alba)( 15% Salicin)(bark) L-carnitine (as L-carnitine L-tartrate) Alpha Lipoic Acid Citrus Aurantium Extract(( 6% Synephrine)(fruit) Guarana Extract ( 22% Caffeine) Chromium (as Chromium Picolinate) Thermoloid Fat/Carb/Appetite Suppressing Blend 404mg Thermoloid Fat Blocking Agent Chitosan 90-95 % Powder mg Cla (congugated Linoleic Acid) mg Thermoloid Appetite Suppressing Agent Evodie Extract ( 10% Evodiamine) mg South African Hoodia Gordonii ( From 20:1 Extract)( Aerial) mg Thermoloid Carb Blocking Agent White Kidney Bean 10:1 Ext. 

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