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Alexin fights fatigue and boosts energy

0.45 oz, 13.5 ml, (30 days supply)

Alexin reduces fatigue, frequency, duration and severity of headaches, colds, viruses, allergies, muscle aches and pains, PMS, neurological problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
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Alexin is a homeopathic drug that has been shown to reduce fatigue and increase energy by up to 90% in patients with chronic fatigue, allergies, immune disorders and cancer.

For healthy subjects, with no apparent underlying problems, this revolutionary 'Nano-Drug' (Alexin) has been found to enhance overall vitality, energy levels and mood. 

Researchers at the University of Maryland and at the University of New Mexico concluded that Alexin works by directing the immune system to attack what researchers have characterized as the 'Cytokine Syndrome.'

Alexin benefits:

  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces frequency, duration and severity of headaches
  • Reduces frequency, duration and severity of colds
  • Reduces frequency, duration and severity of viruses
  • Reduces frequency, duration and severity of allergies
  • Reduces muscle aches and pains
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS
  • Fights neurological problems
  • Fights appetite abnormalities 
  • Reduces symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Alexin Directions:

Adults 18 and older:

10-12 drops under tongue daily,

or as directed by a health professional.

Squeeze dropper gently.


Keep out of reach of children.

Do not use if shrink-wrap with “sealed for your protection” is broken or missing.

Do not use with immuno-suppressive agents, ifyou have had an organ transplant, or if pregnant or breast-feeding.

User Comments:

“Wow! I started with only a few drops. I was amazed at the boost of energy from such a low dose. It was very pleasant, not at all jittery as from caffeine, and it lasted throughout the work day. Being menopausal, I found that it decreased brain fog and increased my mental clarity. I slept soundly and awoke refreshed and relaxed.” 
--Robin L.* 

Rested and energized!! 

"...after taking it (Alexin) for a month I finally feel rested after sleeping and energized throughout the day."* 
--Cindy M of O’Fallon, MO* 

Finally free from flu symptoms! 

”I am an 81 year old woman who had been suffering with a severe stomach flu at least once per winter as far back as I can recall. Since I began taking Alexin four to five times per week, I am free from any flu symptoms. "Alexin is like a shield of protection for me." 
--C.G. Maryland* 

Is this product intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any specific disease and or affect the structure or function of the body?

No, as such claims, might prohibit the product from being able to be sold OTC. We do our best to include descriptions provided by the manufacture's and to provided information that is accurate but some may be outdated by the fast pace of more recent scientific developments and we have no way to verify every claimed, therefore there is a small chance that something may be unintentionally misleading. The information presented is meant for Nutritional Benefit and as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. Obviously people are different and not every person will get the exact same results as another so no benefits can be guaranteed but we strive to only provide quality products where either customers or research from highly respected sites like WebMD have indicated that the product and/or one or more of its ingredients may provide a benefit. We do not manufacture any product, we are only a retailer of other peoples products. We do our best to ensure quality by using the most reputable suppliers we can find, even though this may increase the cost of our offering, it also reduces the chances of getting counterfeit products. We rely on the manufacturer's to control the quality of their products, as it is impossible for any retailer to test each batch of every product and stay in business.

Alexin Ingredients:

Active Ingredients:
Kali carb. 8X, 12X, 30X 
Phosphoricum ac. 8X, 12X, 30X 
Selenium 8X, 12X, 30X 
Silicea 8X, 12X, 30X 
Tauroxicum 7X, 12X, 30X
Zinc met 8X, 12X, 30X

Inactive ingredients:

alcohol and purified water.

Contains 20% Alcohol 1/2 fl oz (15 ml)

This product serves as a replacement for any of the following products:

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